Regular servicing saves you major expense in the future.

We're known for our ongoing, personal relationship with clients and that extends into our service arm. With over 30,000 offshore sea miles under our team's belts, we've got a very real understanding of how important your vessel's reliability is when the coastline disappears.

We also understand that while getting out on the water is one of the most freeing experiences there is, the time it takes to keep your boat in great condition is not as enjoyable.
To counter that, we offer a year-round service package. What that means is we look after your boat – from maintaining it, to checking the dock lines and everything in between.

Our maintenance schedules will see your boat ready to use whenever you are, avoiding the pre-summer rush and leaving you with the knowledge that your boat's in top condition and operating safely.

We're thorough and consistent, and operate Auckland-wide.